Tattoo Artist: Dmitriy Samohin

Ask yourself this question, do you remember when you realized your calling in this life? Most people would have to say that it was at some point when they were studying a subject in school, a spark of interest that was fanned into a flame. I remember when I discovered I had a passion for World War II History that has led me to reading book upon book, watching every documentary known to man, and talking to old guys down at the VFW hall just to hear their stories. Dmitriy Samohin however may have beat us all to the punch.

“For as long as I can recall I always have been involved in art though I wasn’t aware of my ability until people began complimenting my work. It was then I became aware I was better at something than others around me.”

Not unusual to hear from an artist. Most I have ever talked to discuss hearing praise for their work after years of practice and hard work. So what sets Dmitriy apart from everyone else?

“I might have been 5 or 6 when people began noticing my art and complimenting me on it.”

This early talent was fueled by a genuine passion for the craft. A love of art and the ability to create beauty out of imagination and air are what continued to drive Dmitriy to continue his craft and strive to evolve as an artist. So when did this passion, this love, turn to a desire towards putting ink to skin?

“I decided to become a tattoo artists during my time in the army. I discovered a tattoo magazine and after going through it I made the decision I had to become a tattoo artist. The form intrigued and fascinated me and I want to see things created on skin the same way they were brought to life on canvas.”

The road to becoming the artist he is today was long as it is with any number of tattoo artists. After the decision was made Dmitriy pursued the craft on his own without a traditional apprenticeship. Teaching himself without having anyone tell him what to do or how to do it allowed for a lot of experimentation and exploration. Dmitriy analyzed and studied other artists, what they did, their style, and began trying things himself always working towards bringing to life on skin that which he visualized in his head.

Today Dmitriy continues to evolve and learns daily drawing inspiration from everyday life around him.

“(Inspiration) comes from things I see walking down the street, things I hear, read, sometimes just little bits of conversation with people inspire me. Some of the artists I enjoy following ar Shawn Barber, Alex De Pase, Robert Hernandez, Zhivko, Boris, Jeff Gogue, Victor Portugal, and Phil Garcia to name a few.”

In all this inspiration Dmitriy has crafted amazing work. His imagination and ability to visualize what he wants to do is amazing and requires focus. While he realizes he is known for his realism he welcomes the challenge to do any kind of piece there is. A true passion for tattooing as an art and all the forms it comes in sparks a light of excitement and drive within form where the art just flows.

“I don’t think, I just make it happen. Listening to music while I work helps me to focus on delivering the best art that I can. It’s important to me that my clients are happy with the end result and it’s always nice to hear when a client is pleased with the work I have done for them. Every single piece I have done is special to me just as it is to my clients.”

Dmitriy continues to create amazing work out of Odesa in the Ukraine. His work is renowned and you can easily see why. The love, passion, and attention to detail, color, and art comes through in every piece. His ability to bring to life the vision that exists inside his head is truly a gift that this artist has honed since the rest of us were playing with blocks and trying to not spill our juice.

Any final words of encouragement or recommendations for other artists out there who hope to create art on skin with such amazing results?

“Paint and experiment as much as possible! Be creative, never cease to learn and be challenged! Use the right equipment for your art as well. I use Intenze Ink and Dragonfly machines for all my tattoo work that I do. Using the right tools makes a difference in the end result.”

If you are traveling internationally and looking for some work to remember your trip by you may want to route yourself through Odesa and visit Dmitriy. Something tells us you will not only walk away with some amazing new art but you will have met a true artist in the world.

Check out more of Dmitriy's work here!

Article Written By: John Ziegler



2 years ago
GREAT work Dmitriy!